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Hawkmoon year 2 how to get

Hawkmoon (Year 2). Hawkmoon (Year 2). Information. Year, 2. Type · Hand Cannon · Slot · Primary Weapon · Level, 40 How to Obtain. Can someone tell me how to get this hand cannon? Or is it just a drop from engrams? English. #Destiny. Comment Reply Start Topic. Report. Hawkmoon can be retrieved from one of the following activities/vendors: For the Year 1 hand cannon, see Hawkmoon (Year 1). How to Obtain.

Last Edited: October 4, at AM. Page Tools. Edit (Classic) · Edit (Beta) This page contains all the information on the Exotic Hand Cannon Hawkmoon. Hawkmoon has gone from overpowered to insignificant. The nerfs to hand cannons, plus the specific Hawkmoon changes, have left much to be. With the current state of hand cannons being what it is, is getting Hawkmoon now a good decision? hawkmoon_destiny_ Xur has the Year.

This was in year 2 though. permalink; embed; save; parent Well how the hell else did I get killed by that hawk moon? I certainly couldn't have. However, it will be significantly easier to obtain it if you have the DLC, as you cannot play nightfall or heroic strikes without it. Also, if you get the Year 2 version of. The Hawkmoon is an Exotic hand cannon introduced in Destiny Year One, perk "Holding Aces", as well as an additional 2 bullets added into the magazine. Hawkmoon has been given two Ornaments that have a chance of dropping from. Hawkmoon's Icon View in 3D. Hawkmoon. Stalk thy prey and let loose thy talons upon Selected Perk 2 Contact: Have a question or feedback? Contact us!. In year one I never took off Aggressive Ballistics but now that range is such Granted Moon is still a potential 2 shot kill, but the dropoff can get.

This is the Hawkmoon hand cannon from Destiny. I have joined all of the main barrel together for a smoother, seam free print. It pritns Published 4 years ago. While Bungie reveals Destiny 2 and its many different editions, the race is on for current guide on how to obtain all Year 2 and Year 3 exotic weapons – that's right, every single Year 2 and Year 3 weapon. Hawkmoon. Just buy it. Hawkmoon is, arguably, the Prince of pistols thanks to its long range, decent accuracy, and high impact. While the Year 2 version. I'm not sure if you'll get year 2 engrams though. 1 reply 0 Want that hawk moon ;_; jelly @FrekeOut dude I got the hawkmoon as my free Taken King exotic.

Destiny 2 Exotics So far(Warning spoilers to who ever wants to find Cold heart: exotic fusion rifle with the destiny 2 pre order. Hawkmoon. Dorian Hawkmoon, Duke of Köln is one of the fictional characters created by Michael Moorcock 2 Bibliography; 3 In other media. Comics; Role- playing game Some of the artifacts have servants. The enigmatic Warrior in Jet and. Primary weapons: Bad Juju, Hawkmoon, The Last Word, Monte Carlo, Red That's it for now, though more Year One exotics may become.