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How to create message catalog in peoplesoft

Accessing the Message Catalog. Message sets and number settings come from the PeopleTools Message Catalog. To access the Message Catalog. Select PeopleTools > Utilities > Administration > Message Catalog. Enter the message set and number on the Internet tab of the Component Properties dialog . The PeopleSoft message catalog is used to store errors, warnings and end up creating a lot of messages, so the other option is to use just one message set.

"Hi all, I have created a new message in message catalog contains url. Just do a PeopleCode HTMLAREA1 = GetMSGExplainText(xxx,xxx); I. Our problem is that we are not able to see messages on the buttons. Subject: [ peopletools-l] Message catalog View Group Archive: http://peoplesoft. to the next (i.e. Development to Test) using standard PeopleSoft/App . make a copy of the existing message catalog table and then code up.

Message Catalog is a place for all the user defined and system defined messages, Here Message sets 1 through 19, are reserved for use by PeopleSoft. This field refers to the Message Set Number in the Message Catalog. This field is maintained by PeopleSoft and is used in a variety of contexts. Default: %date. Navigate to Set Up HRMS > Common Definitions > Text Catalog and to pass Bind Variable to Text catalog, like we do in Message catalog?. However, for this post we will look at how to get popup working from message catalog. In this case you do not need to create a Pop-up page. Most often when we want to show a message we use MsgGet function in PeopleCode and use Message Catalog to substitutes the values of the.