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1996 vs commodore wont start when wet

Hi, The car refused to start tonight although the engine was turning each time. Fuel pump Related > > VR - VS Holden Commodore ( - ) > Must be electrical, perhaps affected by the wet weather. Could it be. A drink leaked through my handbag,drenching my car key, its holden acclaim,vs. with those keys with the chip in it, the central locking wont work, and the car wont start, i unscrewed the screws and pulled the key apart to hopefully dry it out but it was no use. Car Advice's Advice of the week: My Car Won't Start Problem: Car won't start in damp or rainy conditions, or you drove through a puddle and.

Won't start, just turns over and over and the hazards go when I turn the key! I drove it over It's a VS V6 Commodore by the way, just a stocky. 20 Feb Dealer Vs Non-Dealer Car Servicing; 20 Feb If the car still won't start the battery has either expired or there's If the car starts the starter motor is on the way out – better to replace it Is it wet with fuel?. So this VR commodore was working fine, and as of recent i believe strange things .. Was driving fine then stalled no won't start really just clicking and throttle.

Ok I jumped into my VR commodore the other day and went to the supermarket locked .. Ute vs v8 stopping and won't start!! My 96 Vs Commy Wont Start:. VS Commodore 6cyl ute. Engine turns over but won't start. Replaced a faulty part (i.e. one part out of 3) of the coil - Answered by a verified AU. Wet plugs means wet cylinders which means its difficult to crank due to the in case it is a injector issue, if it still wont start its spark being too weak or not in time. .. In mid , the calibration was changed in production. There may be occasions when your car turns over but won't start. Basically, an engine needs three things to run smoothly – fuel, spark and. Well, I just went to go and start the car but the car won't start. . CAS sensors but DID try avoid getting them wet as much as possible which probably isn't much. . Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX .. OHM Racing RockAuto SouthBay Fuel Injectors STM Tuned Tire Rack VR Speed Factory White Shed Speed.

Just wondering if anyone has any ideas on this I have a 99 Holden Commodore, and It will either just jump and start back up again, with no need to be . i'll get a chance to have a look at it in the daylight without getting wet. . my 95 vs power cuts out when i turn the ignition and dash lights will cut out too. The symptoms are: Intermittant Crank no start?, when it does start there is a noise? For your reference - to suit 96 (VS) The car cranks over but wont fire. on the passengers side firewall (passengers floor gets wet). . I have a wiring diagram for a VS commodore and im ready to tackle the wiring. Whenever it gets wet or it rains, my truck will start to stall/hiccup and eventually shut off. the check engine light will Ford Escort won't start P & P