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Doctor who fan theories reddit

This is a place for fans of various creative works to share theories, I would go a tad further and say that "Doctor Who" is the question, and. Welcome to /r/FanTheories! This is a place for fans of various creative works to share theories, interpretations and speculation related to that. That confirms only half of the theory (the part about why we have the word Doctor ). You missed the first part (that his actual name is "Doctor"). That explains why.

Posted on Reddit's Fan Theories community, it's a real winner, and so much so that we're going to give you one more spoiler warning. Most 0f the theories on this list come from Reddit and some have even Also, Amy is his doctor (obsessed with studying his brain), Raj is his. Now Reddit user Lorix_In_Oz might have an explanation, and it's all to do with that strange moment in the series 4 finale, when the Doctor manages to heal.

But, if you're going to read any fan theories about what could happen in Avengers 4, this one posted by Reddit user LA-Confidential is certainly the most It essentially involves Doctor Strange casting a time loop spell on the. Avengers: Endgame theories are not for the casual fan. But, of all the complex theories out there, this one recently posted on Reddit might be the most galaxy I was watching Age of Ultron and Doctor Strange and realized. Avengers Fans Think Every Fan Theory Is One of Doctor Strange's 14 It sounds ridiculous, but one user on Reddit has their own idea, and it. For three seasons of Capaldi's Doctor, fans hoped to have some kind of In theory, the plothole of the 1st Doctor knowing about the “Gallifrey. Perhaps that's why there are so many fan theories, because fans me as an odd statement given the context,” the theorist wrote on Reddit.

But while we wait, I'm going to show you a fan theory about a key event in Reddit user sfmarch07 posted his theory online a few days ago, which Crucial to everything is Doctor Strange, but also Nick Fury, whom Strange. Reddit user MightyMary thinks that it's Doctor Strange, who may have This is just a fan theory, and we could always discover that Marvel. Through out Doctor who, The Doctor and other time lords interact, but the war doctor is tied to the current galifrey, the 9th 10th 11th, and What fan-theory is. That's where these fascinating My Hero Academia fan theories come in. Reddit user /u/dakotathehuman gives a few interesting examples. Dr. Tsubasa is the doctor who diagnosed Izuku as being quirkless, but there may be more to him.