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How batman got his voice

CollegeHumor Originals (–) Pete Holmes, Matthew J. McCarthy, Kumail Nanjiani. Title: Batman Chooses His Voice (07 Nov ). (NSFW: Language) Collegehumor makes good use of their Batman costume with their best Dark Knight joke yet, weaving a hilarious yarn about how Bats got his. Christian Bale Reveals The Origin Of His Batman Voice And How His Wife But he says when he got home from the audition, he was far from.

For Adam West, it was just his normal cadence, even when he voiced the . Initially, his voice in Batman Begins was going to be produced. Batman alters his voice intentionally to help disguise it, so that people won't recognize him as Bruce Wayne. In the comics, in some films, and in some animation. CollegeHumor has been hitting it out of the park with its recent Batman parody videos. In the latest installment, Batman Chooses His Voice, the.

Critics also complained that his voice was too high and that he had a Boston thinking their beloved superhero was going to get the Adam West treatment again. . Others to voice Batman are Will Friedle (Batman Beyond), Rino Romano (The. [NSFW – Language] College Humor uses their Batman costume again in their latest video of how Batman found his dark voice. Batman tries voices of Malkovich. Ranked in order, here are the best Batman voices of all time. While the rest of the cast gets crazy with their characters, Bader keeps his cool and bellows and Adam West's Bruce Wayne sounds the same as his Batman, but we don't . performance, highlighted by Bruce Greenwood's note-perfect voice. Conroy's initial foray into the world of Batman happened almost 30 He continues his voice work to this day across numerous media, and with. Either way it's not going to change the output of a scene if Batman . What I got from it was his voice gets lower and darker as the films go on.

He's Bruce Wayne and he's famous! He has to disguise his voice!. Superman FINALLY Delivers His Bat-Voice in Tribute to Batman's keeps one!) or got him to recall his earliest days in a bonding conversation. Part of Batman's schtick is the whole thing of being crazy-prepared. He is wearing the suit, but not the cowl, and his voice is normal. Bane's known for his strength; if he ever got a hold of Bats by the throat, it's a safe bet to. The video also reveals that Bale was experimenting with his Batman [Related: Ben Affleck Gets the Adam West Batman Seal of Approval].