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Que me cuentas what does it mean

It doesn't translate well but my Colombian friends say it means What's up? Put ¨qué me cuentas¨ in the translator and see what you get wink. That phrase means " whats up". Literally it means "what do you tell me?." A better translation would be " what do you have to tell me?, or even. Does anybody know how to translate this on English? Thank you.

literal meaning: what do you tell me it means: what's up. Well, in my opinion this phrase is literally translate as “What do you tell me?” in English language. But You can also write it as “Que me has lo. Translation for '¿qué te cuentas?' in the free Spanish-English dictionary and many other English translations.

encárgate tú de organizarlo, yo me ocupo de las cuentas — you take care of the ya he perdido la cuenta de las veces que ha llamado — I've lost count of the a ella de lo que hago — I don't have to answer / account to her for the things I do. You could also respond as we do in English with, "Not much, you? Respect to ¿qué me cuentas? o ¿qué me estás contando?, it is generally. cuenta translation english, Spanish - English dictionary, meaning, see also ' cuenta' ¿te has dado cuenta de que han cortado el árbol? did you notice (that) . Learn how to use the Spanish sentence "La cuenta por favor. When used as a noun it means "the count" and is used for bills and such as well, How would you say "Please give me the count", for example referring to an RSVP count? I typed this into spanishdict and see what I got: "what is the ballot count" "Qué es el . Running into your buddy on the street you could just go for the boring old “Hola, could inject more life into the thing and say “Habla, José, ¿qué me cuentas? . Look up “pata” in the dictionary and it'll tell you that the word means “animal leg.

Recién entonces me di cuenta (Sp. sólo Only then did I realize entonces) da cuenta de que está And Only then he realizes that she's herida (M. Puig, Arg, Todavía, aún Todavía and aún both mean “still"/"yet" and are Synonymous . The list of reflexive verbs below is by no means exhaustive. But, if there are . Español: No me di cuenta de lo que ocurría hasta que fue demasiado tarde. 5. “I take a shit in the milk” does not quite convey the meaning of me cago a crack at qué chulo: “This is very complicated, because a chulo is a. What do you mean there aren't seats? ¡Qué va! No way! darse cuenta de algo to realize something No me di cuenta de la hora. I didn't realize the time.