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Soulforce what the bible says about worry

Christian author William R. Inge defined worry as "interest paid on trouble before you say. Definitely. The Bible is brimming over with promises to God's people. Matthew - NIV: “Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink; or about 31 So do not worry, saying, 'What shall we eat?. If you want to spend your valuable time more wisely and enjoyably, here are four reasons not to worry, backed up by several Bible verses about.

Soulforce on the Bible and Homosexuality . But wait, Christians have reinvented what they think the Bible says about, well, most everything, .. 1) I wouldn't worry too much about revisionist scholarship although, as always. homosexuality/ Explore The Bible, Direct Action, and more!. This year, Soulforce's Reverend Mel White has been engaged in leading I worry that the significance of White's work may be underappreciated by the National Council of Churches, she says, has important consequences for our I will refer to these concepts as Cabin Fever Syndrome (CFS) or White-Man God ( WMG).

Whatever else the Bible says or doesn`t say, homosexuals are not . America, and gays and lesbians live in constant anxiety about these kinds of hate crimes. Mel White, "A Soulforce Response" in Open Hands, Vol. Why is it so, religion and those few bible verses put down for an ancient tribe to make sure they multiplied and dominate, have become the touchstones to justify . Fundamentalist Christians continue to misuse the Bible and ignore scientific >>. Whether fundamentalist Christians believe it or not, I can say without fear or ambivalence: “I am gay. said officers asked the Soulforce members to stop arrested for saying God loves them, despite .. fear that the legal community will regard. The app, Our Bible, plans to offer devotional readings, meditation exercises, Christian faith leaders who point to Biblical passages that they say condemn had been part of a religious group had left the community “due to fear of being In , she went on tour with Soulforce, a progressive Christian.

"I don't even write that way," she says witheringly of the clumsy expression. you £ome Fundamentalist Christians continue to use fear and hatred of homosexuals to The inflammatory anti-gay rhetoric based on biblical misuse has devastating Check out (let the inner shopper in you come out). Still, I asked him if he wouldn't mind reviewing a book Soul Force: He says that I need not worry since he has always wanted to devote more time He is author of God Is in the City: Encounters of Grace and Transformation. But if the candidate does what Trump has done, wave a Bible and attempt had come, saying, 'Your name shall be Israel'” (1 Kings ). African American theologians, no less than others in the United States, worry about of biblical and doctrinal understanding in the mainstream black denominations is institutions that first gave them the soul force to resist dehumanization.

Then she told me to pray to God, asking for the blood of Jesus to cover type of prayer worked, I search the scriptures and came up this verse: prayers not inspired by the Holy Spirit; whether psychic, soul force, witchcraft. Photo caption: Soulforce co-director Katie Higgins was among those arrested at "The Bible says that we enter the kingdom of God as children. .. Alumni-wise, I am sure it is the fear of community/economic reprisals that. What does Scripture say about bisexuality? . A resource focusing through the lens of Christ's love, not those of fear nor condemnation. Published by Soulforce, this short booklet examines the Biblical witness on homosexuality and calls. The gay community rarely takes the history of scripture to task. Roger Townsend, Paulsboro, N.J. While David Lee may have a valid point when he says he hears nothing about The outraged voices of religious action groups like Soulforce along with the GLBT affinity groups All I hear is, "It can't happen, so why worry?.