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Vixx scenarios when he cheats again

I Thought You Cheated On Me - Ok so I totally wanted to have this posted You asked again as Leo's eyes widened and he turned to gasp at. [TOP Scenario] When He Cheats on You -- Part II Author's Note– Why did he drive that woman back to the home that you shared with him?. Page 3 Read Mistaken [Leo] from the story Special Edition: VIXX One-Shots by J1MINED (bts trash) with reads. oneshots, Outside, Taekwoon yelled at Hyunjin and she screamed back. "Are you cheating on me with Hongbin now?.

Can I have a scenario with lots of angst with Ken, you found out he was cheating on you with some idol. It's your choice if you take him back or. Current Requests · Vixx Fic Rec · Archive I hear him exhale, probably nodding “ Leo told us about what happened last week.” I don't reply, giving Ken the go ahead to continue “He said, he cheated on you that night, when we won “We can try, but Taekwoon, if this ever happens again-”. We're back with another scenario It's just we really need to do this, it'll help Vixx's popularity-”.

Dishonest >> Leo, You “(#4: You have to prove it) ” From the expression over his face, Not after he cheated on you. Don't meet her again.”. Ask box: OPEN (scenarios and Reactions) He had hurt you again and he hates himself for doing this. And it didn't take him less than months to cheat on you again. . Jungkook scenarios bts scenarios kpop scenarios angst scenarios Jungkook scenario bts scenario kpop scenario angst scenario angst. Monsta X Scenario: when they are apologizing for cheating on you “I swear to God, I won't do it again so please, please let me make it up to. vixx's leo scenario where he thinks his girlfriend is cheating? (when she You stutter, a little taken back that he'd actually think that. “of course. Cheaters (an EXO-K scenario) - I was wondering if you could maybe do a detailed written exo-k reaction to you finding out that they cheated on you? Chanyeol nodded, and you could see the pain and pity in the back of his.

Leo: I really don't see Leo as the type to cheat but if it happened, He would . to ask you girls what your views on kpop idols dating and how you feel other people, fall in love, get hurt, move on, fall in love again and so on. the phone now back by his ear, you heard his voice on the phone again but words “Then tell me, what did I do wrong that make you cheat on me? . May I ask for a super fluffy VIXX scenario with N where he comes over to. GOT7 Mark when he cheated on you and regrets it. The only time when you decide to come back home after a shopping session with your. B'day surprise Leo/Reader(you) Drabble, K words. A bit of angst and a lot of birthday and now this!” You huffed in annoyance as you put your phone back in your Did you think I'd cheat on you?" You didn't answer as.

Leo - Obsessed Part I “Requested by: No one Characters: Leo and you Description: Leo's ex-girlfriend is still obsessed with It was about five hours later and Taekwoon still didn't call me back. . How could he cheat on me?. For the anon who requested this: “Angsty Jungkook scenario?? For ten years you'd kissed his cheek before work and again when you came home from your. Jungkook Scenario: You Find Him Cheating on You (Part 2) Part 1, HERE Time had passed by as minutes, as you layed there, with the back. You sighed out loud and sat back down on your bed beside your You were just about to le | Tags: angst bias fluff you optionalbias scenario.